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Help me deal with the glut of social communities

I want a portable universal profile — that I can edit once — for every community I care to join.   Keeping track of all of them is a full time job.    Frankly, I already have one of those.   Anyone working on a profile widget?   I’d pay for the service.

At first there seemed to be a good reason to belong to a lot of these — but so far just 2 web 2.0 communities get my regular attention — linkedin and twitter.    I’m rapidly losing interest in facebook.   I get great utility out of though I rarely use it as a community site.   I just don’t get brightkite.   I’ll check back in with it in 6 months or so.

My short term preoccupation with Facebook has stolen time that I would rather be spending with my favorite communities – Flyertalk and Mark Squires.  Granted these aren’t new fangled web 2.0 communities, but I’ve made more friends there than I ever expect to make on these newer social sites that aren’t laser focused on my personal interests.

Which sites will be winners?  Which sites will disappear after a brief glint in the sun?

communities that could be around for a long time

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Flickr

flash in the plan sites:

  • Facebook -> Widget Quality Control might bring me back.  Then again maybe not.
  • Classmates -> Put a fork in it.
  • Bright kite -> Yet to prove that there is even a flash
  • Plaxo -> who has time for Plaxo ?

Back to my original question — anyone working on a universal profile?   Let me get my checkbook.


p.s. this was just too funny. Stephan Pastis is hilarious. he’s made me forget about the loss of the Far Side.  Check out Pearls Before Swine at

Summer in Portland

The Greater Willamette Valley wakes from our rainy winter slumber by early May. For those who haven’t yet visited PDX there is a lot to do here year round. If the sheer beauty of the Pacific NW isn’t enough of a draw you might find one of the following events to your liking:

April-Dec: Portland Farmers Market

May 2-4: Indie Wine Festival

May 24-26: Memorial Weekend in Wine Country

May 29-June 8: Portland Rose Festival

July 3-6: Waterfront Blues Festival

July 24-27: Oregon Brewers Festival

July 25-27: International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC)

We’ll see you in Portland

Welcome to Brand Steve

Perhaps I am late jumping on the blogging bandwagon. I’ll write here when I have something meaningful to add to the public discourse.

During the day I am a fighter pilot… ok maybe not. I really work for IBM, marketing enterprise data management software. Any opinions I post here are just that — my opinions — and do not in any way impart the opinions or positions of my employer.

For anyone interested in the IBM corporate position on employee blogging — visit this URL: