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Making old news viral today? What’s up with Google Alerts?

I’m about ready to shut down my use of the google alerts feature.  When it first came out it was wonderful.   It’s a great way to get competitive & industry news as it happens.   Over the past year however, much of the news is old news — sometimes really old news.   circa 2001, 2, 3, […]

What is Office Depot Thinking?

I am a big fan of making purchases online for in-store pickup.  This is especially true for buying office supplies.  I find office supply stores nearly impossible to shop.  A short list of 5 things takes 20-30 minutes to track down searching aisle after poorly marked aisle.  I dread shopping at any of the Office […]

Help me deal with the glut of social communities

I want a portable universal profile — that I can edit once — for every community I care to join.   Keeping track of all of them is a full time job.    Frankly, I already have one of those.   Anyone working on a profile widget?   I’d pay for the service. At first there seemed to be […]