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Some things never change

Shopping for a new car is both great fun and great pain. Our last car lease ran out and I waited til the last moment to start the shopping process. Why? Because even though test drives are fun the buying experience is not. Every time I mentioned we were going car shopping, everyone assured us — “this is a great time to buy”. I’m still not so sure.

Making old news viral today? What’s up with Google Alerts?

I’m about ready to shut down my use of the google alerts feature.  When it first came out it was wonderful.   It’s a great way to get competitive & industry news as it happens.   Over the past year however, much of the news is old news — sometimes really old news.   circa 2001, 2, 3, […]

Red Bull Flugtag Portland 2008

Red Bull’s Flugtag came to PDX yesterday.   What a fun event.  I hadn’t heard about it, I discovered all of the contraptions on the waterfront on my Saturday hike.    I headed home to grab a camera body and the long zoom (Canon 100-400 L series) and a tripod. Watching the event is great fun even […]

Max’s Oysterbar West Hartford Connecticut

On July 4th we discovered Max’s Oyster Bar in West Hartford.  We walked in about 3:30 in the afternoon to a very quiet restaurant. We’d missed lunch and Dinner service wasn’t until 5. However, the bar was open and we took our stools and discovered that not only was the bar open but so was the raw […]

What is Office Depot Thinking?

I am a big fan of making purchases online for in-store pickup.  This is especially true for buying office supplies.  I find office supply stores nearly impossible to shop.  A short list of 5 things takes 20-30 minutes to track down searching aisle after poorly marked aisle.  I dread shopping at any of the Office […]