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Some things never change

Shopping for a new car is both great fun and great pain.   Our last car lease ran out and I waited til the last moment to start the shopping process.   Why?  Because even though test drives are fun the buying experience is not.  Every time I mentioned we were going car shopping, everyone assured us — “this is a great time to buy”.    I’m still not so sure.

We visited two dealerships who wanted our business, several that were desperate for our business, and even two who were indifferent.  What we experienced more this time than any other was the double-team or even the triple-team.   You couldn’t just talk to one salesman, you got his boss, his brother, his uncle all chasing you at the door.   I don’t mind the age-old trick of bringing the senior manager over to shake your hand, and welcome you to the dealership.   This year, they don’t leave.  Instead of saying your in good hands with “Joe” he’s one of our best and leaving you alone, they push their poor salesperson out of the way and start the hard sell.   We walked away in disgust multiple times.   Even when we loved the cars, we couldn’t imagine coming back to these dealerships.

We were surprised to find two dealerships who were seemingly indifferent.   Interestingly, one was a Toyota dealer the other a Honda dealer.   Both let us test drive, but neither seemed to care that we buy a car from them.  Very odd.

We found two who we would gladly give our business to.   One is Vic Alfonso Cadillac near downtown Portland, the other Beaverton Honda.   If GM survives it will be because of classy dealers like Vic.

Beaverton Honda was the star of the show.   What a first rate dealership.   Not only do they have an amazing stock of cars on hand, but they truly understand selling to today’s consumer.   Every car is marked with a nicely discounted just over invoice price, a few must have add-ons are on every car — the stuff you want like the 3m clear  bra & locking wheelnuts.  When the boss came over it was just to introduce himself.  Our salesman Tony Maldonado was amazing.  If you’re in the market for a car, and want a pleasant buying experience, go see Tony.   Beaverton Honda rocks.

For  buy american fans — our new Accord was built in Ohio !  It’s a gorgeous sedan — everyone is telling us we were nuts to lease a Honda as they last forever.

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