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Red Bull Flugtag Portland 2008

Red Bull’s Flugtag came to PDX yesterday.   What a fun event.  I hadn’t heard about it, I discovered all of the contraptions on the waterfront on my Saturday hike.    I headed home to grab a camera body and the long zoom (Canon 100-400 L series) and a tripod.

Watching the event is great fun even from a distance.   There were a hundred if not a thousand boats gathered along the shoreline, viewers lining both sides of the Willamette and of course a ton of people lining the Hawthorne bridge which was my vantage point.   To learn more about the entrants and the winner Team Yakima visit the official Red Bull Portland Flugtag web site. Not only did Team Yakima have the coolest ride (there were a lot of cool rides, I thought the giant trike was really fun), but they also had the longest flight.    The best designs combined a hang glider with a cool base.    Team Yakima soared 62 feet after the glider breaks away from the trike.

What a cool ride

What a cool ride

Check out the rest of my better shots here – My Flickr Pics of Portland Flugtag 2008.

If Flugtag makes it to a city near you check it out.  I even tried my first Red Bull Cola.

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